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Quality Control Services (QCS) is one of the leading Non Destructive Testing Companies in Saudi and the region, we offers full NDT & Heat Treatment package, approved by all main Saudi Oil & Gas companies. We are capable to provide all solutions for various industrial needs and our commitments is to provide highest quality service. Our staff is qualified, flexible and matching the client`s demands.

In addition to Radiography, Ultrasonic and all other NDT methods, we maintain safety by trustworthy team, which ensures full matching with ARAMCO and KACST safety regulations. Similarly, ISO 9001:2008 and all relevant quality standards are fully implemented in all our facilities.

As our branches are spread-out all over the kingdom, we can fulfill any requests regardless of the size and location. High technology is one of our priorities and hence we offer all advanced NDT solutions in partnership with giant global companies. Our reference projects in the kingdom are plenty and we are always ready to satisfy your curiosity about any details needed for a requested service.

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